Nav Camera
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Name: Nav Camera
Built By: Armory

Health: 750
Scrap Cost: 1

The Nav Camera is a small device used for oversight and distance command used by the NSDF, CCA and CRA.

Description Edit

Nav cameras can be deployed in two ways; they can be launched to their location from an armory for the cost of one unit of biometal, or dropped for free from the player's tank in a similar manner to a mine. The camera orients itself to the same facing direction as the user and projects a feed through their targeting system, but slowly rotates when not being used. It is important to note that nav cameras do not reveal nearby units on the radar.

The primary purpose of the nav camera, however, is as a waypoint; by selecting them commanders can direct units to their location from any location on the map. As such they can be useful as markers for locations of significance, such as enemy bases or allied silos.

The nav camera had been succeeded by the virtual nav beacon by the time of the ISDF, allowing a greater range of deployment at the cost of spy camera functionality.

Tactics Edit

Using nav cameras is an important part of efficient force management. Use them to mark your outposts (and anywhere else you are likely to need to send troops frequently) for easier troop distribution, minimizing your need to use the satellite tower or directly co-ordinate your forces. They can also be useful to keep an eye on enemy forces; you can use the camera while it is still in the air to acquire a better view, but bear in mind that it will not rotate and will always face north until it lands.

The rotation of an opponent's nav cameras allows you to see when they are being used; cameras rotating at a steady speed (one degree per second) are not being used, while cameras that are static or moving erratically are either currently selected or being used for spying. You may wish to destroy them, as this will stop your opponent from spying on you or sending further units and stop any units that are already on the way, but can reveal your presence to your opponent as the AI will not autonomously attack nav cameras.

Nav cameras are also particularly useful as countermeasures; last-minute deployment of a nav camera can save the player from being hit by shots from behind, and they can also be used to divert the attention of the Thermal Hornet, Shadow Missile and TAG Cannon projectiles.


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  • Prior to version 1.0 the nav camera also acted as a radar beacon, revealing any activity in the surrounding 200m to the owner even when the spy camera is inactive.[citation needed]
  • Two CCA-specific variations on the nav camera were created for Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs, but were cut before release. The models can still be found on the cartridge.
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