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Faction: National Space Defence Force
Era: Biometal Wars

"I will also secretly endow the National Space Defence Force (NSDF). No one will know about the NSDF… everyone will know about NASA." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower

The National Space Defence Force (NSDF) was a secret American military force active in the Solar System during the Cold war. It was created to find and protect deposits of Bio-Metal and combat the CCA. They are the player faction during the Stars and Stripes campaign.

NSDF units can typically be identified by their teal, white and black colour scheme, though utility units such as the Scavenger and Constructor are usually a sandy orange.

The NSDF and its russian counterpart would join together to become an international peacekeeping force known as the ISDF.

National Space Defense Force
Producers Recycler · Mobile Unit Factory · Supply Launch Facility · Heaval
Utility Scavenger · Tug
Defense Badger (Test Range Turret) · Longbow · Unabomber · Eagle
Offense Razor · Bobcat (Bobcat EX) · Grizzly (Ram · Stealth Tank) · Wolverine · Rat Pack · Thunderbolt · Sasquatch (Sasquatch AG)
Buildings Solar Power Plant · Lightning Power Plant · Wind Power Plant · Gun Tower · Barracks · Scrap Silo · Communication Tower · Supply Depot · Repair Hangar · Cafeteria · Command Tower · Headquarters · Launch Pad · Military Building · Military Prison · Shield Generator
Notable Members George Collins · Jason Bates · Wilhelm Arkin · William Stahl · Armond Braddock
Events Biometal War
Locations Luna · Mars
Cut Content Air Striker · Bio-Filter · Carrier · Cruise Missile Unit · Drone · Drone Carrier · Flak and Chaff Launcher · Nightingale · Nuke Silo · Plasma Gun · Striker · Striker launcher · VTOL Craft
Cthonian civil war Hadean Crown · Olympian Council · Furies · United Cthonians
Bio-wars NSDF (Black Dogs) · CCA (Himmelluft) · CRA · Furies · Third Reich
Scion Campaign ISDF · Scion Convergence · AAN Loyalists · New Regime · Scion Rebels
Cut Aliens