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Name: Unnamed
World: Luna
Campaign: Stars and Stripes

Faction: NSDF
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 0
Geysers: 1

Bz track5

Misn50 is a mission cut from Battlezone intended to depict a large Lunar NSDF base under attack from a wave of CCA forces.

Details Edit

Misn50 base

The NSDF base, seen from the south

Misn50's terrain is completely flat and featureless,[1] hosting at its center a large NSDF base. A single Czar sits 525 meters to its eastern flank, and a wing of two Grendels, each escorted by two Flankers sits 900 meters to the west. Neither group of CCA forces will engage unless NSDF forces approach within range.

Of the base's four Gun Towers, only the two on the eastern flank sit within range of Solar Power Plants. The remaining two, on the north and south respectively, are unpowered. Two of the remaining five power generators are devoted to the base's two Communication Towers, while the remaining three are out of range of any other powered buildings. The base's west flank is protected by a sole Badger.

The base contains a number of buildings that are not part of a normal NSDF base; a Command Tower and Field Headquarters are set just north of its center, with a Cafeteria amidst its bank of Barracks. The base also contains three Hangars and two Communication Towers, both more than a standard base can support.

The makeup of the two attacking forces and the organisation of the NSDF base bear some similarity to the game's intro cinematic, and it is possible that this is the attack the mission was intended to portray.

Fate Edit

Msin50 was originally conceived as an Instant Action map and was cut very shortly after the decision to make it a campaign mission; its files all use the misn50 name but the BZN looks for files under the name inst02.[2] It is not clear why either of these decisions were made, and its files are only found in a some versions of the game from its original production run.

References Edit

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