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Early Red Arrival
Misn02 shell.png
Name: Unnamed
World: Luna
Campaign: Stars and Stripes

Faction: NSDF
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 0
Geysers: 2


Misn01 shell.pngMisn02 shell.pngMisn03 shell.png

Misn02 is an early version of Red Arrival designed to take place after Combat Driving, before the design of the other Combat Exercises. As a training mission, it covers the training delivered by Attack and Defend before seguing into events similar to those of the final mission.

Details[edit | edit source]

The outpost at the site of Outpost Three

The early version of Red Arrival takes place in the same location as the release version. Here the base location at the northern end of the valley has no geysers and is instead a small communications outpost, with geysers at the southern end.[1]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Training Turrets at the firing range

The mission begins as a training exercise; Jason Bates is given command of a Recycler and ordered to deploy it at the geysers towards the southern end of the valley, then to construct a Razor to attack two Training Turrets at a Nav Camera to the south. While he does so a roaming Scavenger encounters a dozen-strong wing of Flankers and Bates is forced to defend the training site against them.[1]

Fate[edit | edit source]

The wing of Flankers

The mission was removed from Battlezone following the decision to provide more detailed, optional training missions, thereby removing the need for a mission that crossed them directly into gameplay. Misn02 was removed before it could reach a fully playable state: there is no scrap to be found on the map at the beginning, which renders the player unable to build a wingman to carry out the attack on the drones; and the Scavenger's patrol route does not take it close enough to the Flankers to attract their attention, thereby never triggering the attack on the outpost.[1]

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Map[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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