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Biometal War






This unnamed map series was created by Iouri Lechtchev, and is particularly notable for using maps of real places designed using satellite imagery of the Valles Marineris trenches on Mars taken by NASA during the Pathfinder mission. Dark Side, part two of the series, was included in Battlezone: Battle Grounds.

Red Plains[edit | edit source]

RedPlain shell.png

A CCA base is discovered near the Tithonium and Ius Chasmata near a massive biometal deposit. An NSDF force is sent in to stop them from taking the area.

Dark Side[edit | edit source]

DarkSide shell.png
Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Iouri A Mars Large 400+ 6

After destroying a CCA launch pad in the Valles Marineris trenches on Mars, the NSDF move to finish their forces off in the Ganges Chasma.

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