Mars render.png
Position: Fourth planet from the sun
Distance from Sun: 1.5 AU
Distance from Earth: 56 million Km
Surface Gravity: 0.377
Surface Composition: Basaltic rock and solid carbon dioxide
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.007 Bar
Surface Temperature: -23C
Axis Rotation: 1.03 days
Sun Orbit Period: 686.98 Days
Diameter: 6794 Km

The atmosphere of Mars is characterised by extensive haze and fog, and is often further clouded by dust storms. Like Earth, Mars has seasons that result from its oblique rotational axis. The atmosphere is primarily composed of carbon dioxide, with limited amounts of nitrogen, argon, and water vapour. No magnetic fields have yet been detected on Mars, suggesting there is no metallic core.

Satellite imagery and extensive surveying teams reported that Mars has vast cratering like Earth's moon in addition to cracked lava beds with sheer cliffs that drop down into deep valleys. This cratering suggests the planet could contain additional reserves of bio-metal.

A massive volcano, the Olympus Mons, is the largest in the solar system with a diameter of 550 kilometers and a height of 27 kilometers. The volcano is presumed inactive, yet any pilots in the area are still warned that volcanic activity could occur and would provide a significant hazard.

Wind and solar energy provide adequate power for colonisation. Moderate water supplies could be found among the frozen carbon dioxide in the polar caps.

Mars' topography and maze-like world requires special equipment to navigate efficiently. Negotiating riverbeds and cliffs poses grave danger to navigating the planet's surface.

Mars was a solid candidate to NSDF investigation. Its relatively close proximity to Earth and hospitable environment in addition to the evidence of cratering made it their second choice for colonsation, behind Luna.

When the NSDF arrived on Mars, however, the CCA had already established a base there. Mars was also the location of an ancient Cthonian relic and weapons factory, which would later become key to reproducing the Furies.

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