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Faction: CCA
Name: Mammoth
Built By: Irreplaceable

Health: ~3000 [?]
Ammo: ~1200 [?]

P cannon 1 AT-Stabber x4
P cannon 1 Chain Gun x4
P special 1 Thumper

The Mammoth is a unique Super Heavy Tank manufactured by the CCA.


The Mammoth is a massive vehicle - it dwarfs the NSDF's production units and is beaten in size only by the CCA Recycler. Its incredible bulk is not without cause; it wields a grand total of eight Cannons - four times that of any regulation unit on the battlefield - and is protected by very thick EDD armor plating.


Development of the Mammoth was launched on Mars in secret by the CCA towards the end of the Biometal War. The super-tank was at first intended to enter service against the NSDF, but before it could be completed the Furies broke free of their control and the two opposing factions allied. The CCA, accordingly, then turned the focus of the Mammoth project towards defeating the Furies.

The project had produced its first prototype by the time it was discovered by the renegade Black Dogs. Fearing it might be used against them or the NSDF they set out to capture or destroy it, sending Cobra One on a stealth reconnaissance mission to retrieve a technical readout.

The CCA discovered the Black Dogs' attempt just as the technical data was uploading and moved the Mammoth to a more secure area of the planet with a decoy development plant a short distance away. Regardless of this the Black Dogs still managed to locate it - destroying the decoy, stealing the only prototype, and destroying the production facility in the process.

Through reverse-engineering the Mammoth the Black Dogs created a super heavy tank of their own.


You'll never see the Mammoth in combat, which is probably a good thing - when driven by the player it's a formidable weapon. Its four AT-Stabbers and Chainguns fire alternately rather than together, making it more difficult for targets to dodge your shots. Contrary to the descriptions the narrative provides, the Mammoth is actually not very durable; its ammunition pool and armor strength are both roughly equivalent to that of the NSDF Grizzly. Don't take your armor for granted; the Mammoth's bulk makes it an easy target, and losing the tank will fail the mission.

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