Macmillan Digital Publishing
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Name: Macmillan Digital Publishing
Status: Defunct
Founded: 1996
Closed: 2001
Parent: Pearson PLC (1998-2001)

Macmillan Digital Publishing (also known by the name Macmillan Computer Publishing) is a defunct American publishing company from the late 1990s. They were responsible for publishing Battlezone: Battle Grounds and Battlezone: The Red Odyssey. It was a division of Macmillan USA, at the time a subsidiary of Viacom.[1]


Macmillan Digital Publishing was formed in 1996 in order to centralise Macmillan USA's digital publishing efforts, and became responsible for publishing a massive variety of reference texts and software packages.[2] Macmillan continued to exist under new ownership when its parent company Simon & Schuster was purchased by Pearson PLC, but was shut down in 2001 when the Macmillan name was sold to the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publisher Group.[3]


Macmillan has published several games, initially starting with smaller titles and moving into unofficial third-party expansions after a few years. By 1998 they would begin to publish official expansions for other products, eventually moving on to publishing the complete Linux versions of Quake and Quake II later the same year.[4]

Games Edit

Unofficial ExpansionsEdit

  • Quake II: Zaero (1998)

Official ExpansionsEdit

RealmX Edit

RealmX was a gaming site created by Macmillan that provided file hosting, strategy guides, development tutorials and site hosting for several games, Battlezone amongst them.[5] RealmX was also set up to act as a "quasi-talent-agency" to seek out talented level designers from the communities of supported games, with the intent of licensing and packaging and distributing their creations in officially endorsed add-on projects.[6] It was from here that many of the maps from Battle Grounds were selected, using the Battlezone Front Line Competition; users would submit their maps to the site and creators of the best would receive a collection of Activision games and their maps' inclusion in Battle Grounds as a prize.[7]

Battlezone: Battle GroundsEdit

While most of Macmillan's work is in publishing, and Battle Grounds contains mostly content licensed from other developers, the program Level Cataloger was developed by a small team of in-house programmers and designers. Another team, comprising several significant Battlezone community members including Toni Chaffin and Martin Bell, was brought in to select the included maps and provide the details and reviews that would be displayed by the program.

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