Luna (Earth's Moon)
Luna render
Position: Satellite of Earth
Distance from Sun: 1 AU
Distance from Earth: 384,400 Km
Surface Gravity: 0.166
Surface Composition: Basaltic Rock
Atmospheric Pressure: 0 Bar
Surface Temperature: (Light side) 107 Celsius (dark side) -153 Celsius
Axis Rotation: Static
Sun Orbit Period: 365.26 Days
Earth Orbit Period: 27.32 Days
Diameter: 3476 Km

The Moon's close proximity made it by far the most likely candidate for NSDF exploration. Most of the debris that hit Earth burned up in the atmosphere, but given that the moon has no atmosphere, there was strong reason to believe that it held a far greater supply. Unfortunately, the moon was in front of the Earth when the shower hit and any debris would have landed on its dark side.

Exploiting the moon's resources required three moon bases; a mining base on the far side, a transport base on the near side, and a power base at the northern pole. The polar base provided continuous exposure to the sun and an ample amount of solar generated power. Lunar rocks contain about 40% oxygen and were mined for environmental systems.

The NSDF also speculated about the possibility of a small region near the perpetually shaded southern pole hiding a frozen reservoir or water ice. The NSDF were forced from the moon by the Soviets before they could investigate such a possibility. Had they discovered any such region, it would likely have warranted a fourth facility.

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