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Lost Brigade was a working title for an earlier version of Battlezone set during the Second World War.


Lost Brigade followed a US Army regiment during World War 2. They and their Axis counterparts were abducted en masse by alien forces during a battle and proceeded to face off against one another while trying to make their way back to Earth.[1]

Lost Brigade's  gameplay was to be relatively similar to the result that appeared in Battlezone, with Scavengers and Recyclers - and the concept of gathering resources from destroyed units and buildings - having been present since the very first concept. When Activision realized German Strafgesetzbuch section 86a (which outlaws "use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations", the Nazi regime particularly) prevented them from using the swastika, the game was changed to the Cold War setting present today.[2]

Several Third Reich ship designs created for Lost Brigade were re-used for The History of Biometal Warfare.

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