The original version of Battle Grounds included 46 Instant Action missions, a number which later expanded to 52 upon the release of Battle Grounds 1.1. Most of the included missions provide little or no contextual information about their setting or period and represent a single entry to the storyline in their own right; a total of 20 are part of a series of maps, of which there are six in total. Most of these maps represents a single entry to the storyline in its own right, and many simply involve eradicating all enemy presence on the map.


Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Lastline shell The Last Line of Defence Martin Bell B- Ro'chukn Moon Small More than enough 3
Eagleone shell Return to Eagle's Nest One Martin Bell A Luna Medium Just enough 3
Alternat shell Alternate Martin Bell A- Achilles Medium Just enough 3
Rebelion shell Rebellion Martin Bell A Titan Large More than enough Make do with one or two
Runnings shell Cool Runnings Martin Bell B- Europa Large Plenty 3
A finale shell Finale Martin Bell A- Venus Medium Lots Lots

Enforcer & SlingshotEdit

Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Part 1 shell The Rescue JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B Io Small Enough Lots
Part 2 shell The Scrap Yard JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B Luna Medium Enough Some
Part 3 shell The Quarry JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B+ Titan Medium Lots Several
Part 4 shell Moving Out JD Houser & Toni Chaffin A+ Europa Large Some 3
Part 5 shell The Final Assault JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B Mars Medium Lots Enough


Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Nitemare shell Nightmare Knightmare B- Mars Medium 300+ You find out
Kickback shell Strike Back Knightmare A- Mars Medium 300+ Lots
Massacre shell Massacre Knightmare B- Mars Medium 300+ Find out


Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Stargate shell The Stargate Iouri Lechtchev B- Venus Medium 400
Alpha007 shell Alpha Iouri Lechtchev B+ Alpha 007 Lots Enough


Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
RedPlain shell Red Plains Iouri Lechtchev B+ Mars Medium Lots 12
DarkSide shell Dark Side Iouri Lechtchev A Mars Large 400+ 6


Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Therelic shell The Relic Yard Iouri Lechtchev C- Achilles Medium None 1
Captrelc shell Capture the Relic Iouri Lechtchev B- Io Medium Some Enough

Other Missions Edit

Map Name Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Againods shell Against the Odds JD Houser B+ Venus Medium 200 18
Hothbttl shell The Battle for Hoth Martin Bell B+ Hoth Small Some 3
Bgrdtech shell B-Grade Technology Travis Simpson A- Mars Medium
Blstrain shell Blast Chamber Trainer FreakoNature B+ Io Large 300 20
Brickwal shell Brick in the Wall JD Houser B Mars Medium 200 8
Crevasse shell Crevasse Sam Marshallsay A- Achilles Small
M2crucbl shell The Crucible Mick Brown A Titan Medium Tons 1
Blackdd1 shell Dark Death Travis Simpson B+ Achilles Small
Heartbrk shell Heartbreak Ridge JD Houser B Venus Medium Plenty 3+
Heroical shell Heroical Bystander B+ Luna Medium Lots, but not yours 5+
Highgrnd shell Highground JD Houser B Achilles Medium Plenty Enough
Inbtween shell In Between Iouri & Commando A Europa Medium Enough 1
Jump run shell Jump Run on Ice JD Houser & Toni Chaffin A Europa Medium Lots Lots
Junglwar shell Jungle Warfare Matt Lander A- Achilles Medium Lots Enough
Lunatics shell Lunatics Iouri Lechtchev B+ Luna Medium 300+ 8
Machoman shell Machoman Andrew Goeldel A Io Medium
Marswars shell Mars Wars Jan Eugenides B+ Mars Small Enough Enough
Max5mins shell Max 5 Minutes JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B- Europa Small None 3
Meadows shell The Meadows Klaus A- Achilles Large Enough 3
Moonshin shell Moonshine Jan Eugenides B- Luna Medium Lots Enough
Recnmars shell Recon Mars Andrew Goeldel A Mars Small Plenty 5+
RedRevng shell Red Revenge JD Houser B+ Mars Medium Plenty 12+
M1restrx shell Rest & Relaxation Mick Brown A Achilles Large
Eagleone shell Return to Eagle's Nest One Martin Bell A Luna Medium Just enough 3
M3runawa shell Run Away! Mick Brown A Achilles Large
Skraper1 shell Skraper1 Travis Simpson B Venus Small Enough Enough
Stolenlt shell Stolen Light Tank Sam Marshallsay A- Mars Small Enough 3
Tempdoom shell Temple of Doom JD Houser A- Achilles Medium Plenty Enough
Thoiwalk shell Though I Walk Andrew Goeldel A+ Europa Medium 272 16
Hotgully shell Titans Iouri Lechtchev B Titan Medium Plenty 5
Traitors shell Traitors JD Houser A- Venus Small None Enough
Trencher shell Trencher Jan Eugenides B Achilles Medium
Undscvrd shell Undiscovered Country JD Houser B+ Venus Medium 70+ 7
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