Lightning Power Plant
Sblpow render
Faction: CCA
Name: Lightning Power Planet
Built By: Erector

Scrap Cost: 7
Health: 4000
Range: 100m

The CCA's Lightning Power Plant powers any structure within 100 meters that needs it.


Lightning power plants are seen on Venus and Titan, where they can function more effectively than other forms as a result of their electrically active atmospheres. Its high scrap cost balances the significant amount of armor that protects it; it is the strongest of the CCA's generators.


The Lightning Power Plant only appears in singleplayer missions set on Venus and Titan and the occasional Instant Action mission. Despite its significant cost (seven units of biometal instead of the usual four), it is much better protected than either alternative. Its sheer size can be a disadvantage, but since its stem is so thin it is difficult to hit at range. This power plant doesn't need protecting as much as the solar or wind plants, but it is wise to protect it regardless. Paks are not ideal for this as the wide base can obstruct their view, but the Gun Tower is capable of both seeing over this and, with good placement, obscuring a large portion of the generator itself.

Lightning power works on all worlds despite in-universe narrative.
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