ISDF Liberator Bomber
Faction: ISDF
Name: Liberator Bomber
Built By: Factory

Built Time:
Scrap Cost: 80


The Liberator bomber is an ISDF vehicle dedicated to the destruction of enemy bases; after launch from the Bomber Bay, it flies directly to the target and drops a single devastating Day Wrecker there. Upon return, it must be re-armed before it can be used again.

The Liberator can be used to safely and effectively attack areas that may be unreachable by any other method. Bomber strikes can also be particularly effective against pilots in Relay Bunkers or Antenna Mounds, and can only be defended against by ISDF Griffin rocket tanks, Scion Archers, or the player.

Bombers are not without disadvantages; its crow's-flight path can result in a bomb being dropped onto a mountain when targeting a building on the other side (in multiplayer matches, buildings can be deliberately protected from bomber strikes in this way). Bombers are also hugely ineffective against mobile units, and when its Bomber Bay is destroyed so is the bomber.

If friendly fire is disabled, Bombers can also be effective in defending against an attack wave which has already breached a base perimeter.

Notes Edit

  • Prior to 1.3, bombers often fell victim to their own bombs and lacked the ability to recall. Their effectiveness against units was also even more diminished as they could only receive one attack order at a time, so the units' location could not be updated.

Trivia Edit



  • Flying
  • Medium speed


  • No armour


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