Scion Lancer
Fvartl grid
Faction: Scion
Name: Lancer
Built By: Kiln/Forge

Health: 2000
Ammo: 3000
Scrap Cost: 55
Scrap Value: 15
Requirements: Kiln

P missile 1 Stinger
P special 1
P shield 1


The Lancer is extremely effective in combat against mobile units, but its low manoeuvrability makes it vulnerable to swarm attacks, ambushes, and faster craft. Still, its deadly and accurate lock-on missile loadout makes it extremely effective in leading attacks against light to intermediately defended positions and as a quick entrenching craft for mobile offensives. Its morphed assault form makes it useful in assaults against enemy emplacements.



  • Hover propulsion
  • Medium/low speed


  • Light armour


  • Rocket
  • Special
  • Shield
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