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King of the Hill is a deathmatch-based gamemode in Battlezone and Battlezone II in which players fight over control of one part of the map - usually a raised hill in the center.


In Battlezone's King of the Hill map, remaining within 25m of the map's center will add time to the player's counter. Kills and deaths are counted as in deathmatch.[1] The Battlegrounds map Z King Flanker contains the path-points necessary for King of the Hill but, as it is a deathmatch map, they are not used.[2]


Battlezone II

Presence in the map's strategic location - in both stock King of the Hill maps, a literal hill in the center - will grant the player a point for each second. If multiple players are present there, the points are awarded to the player closest to the center. By default the game ends when one player reaches a total of 180 points, equivalent to holding the center for three minutes. Scoring for kills and deaths is the same as in standard deathmatch.

King of the Hill can also be played in teams; as with other team-based deathmatch variants, all points modifiers applied to a player will also be applied to the team total.[3]



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