Ken Miller
Miller headshot
Name: Ken Miller
Handle: CodeElf, Ultraken
Born: 1973-11-18
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Profession: Games Programmer

Ken Miller (also known by the nicknames CodeElf and Ultraken) was one of the original programmers for both Battlezone and Battlezone II. He joined Nathan Mates in working on the 1.3 Patch for Battlezone II in 2001 and since 2007 he has also been the developer of Battlezone's 1.5 Patch.

Background Edit

Miller graduated the Massachusets Institute of Technology in 1996. Months after his graduation he started work at Activision, where he became the physics, effects and interface programmer for the game that would later become Battlezone. He worked with Activision until June 1998 - two months after Battlezone was shipped - when he was part of the group of Dark Reign and Battlezone developers who split from Activision to form Pandemic Studios.

He worked with Pandemic for seven and a half years, and was credited on seven of their games; his work on Battlezone II was described as Acting Lead Programmer and comprised duties of both programmer and art team liaison.

Miller left Pandemic two years before the studio was purchased and shut down in 2009 and instead moved to Armature Studio where he worked on the Batman: Arkham series.

Credits Edit

Activision Paul Baker · Wendy Cutler · Brian Diggs · Ken Miller · Brad Pickering
Team Evolve Toni Chaffin · Richard Farrelly
Pandemic Studios Peter Jessop · Ken Miller · Brad Pickering · Battlezone II Hit Team
Independent Andrew Roals
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