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Jumping to Conclusions is a short story written by NR Nookie and published in the fourth issue of the Battlezone Magazine. It drew criticism for its use of multiple self-insertions and competent man techniques, as well as the use of clans and clan tags in a story ostensibly attempting to set itself in the canon Battlezone universe.

Synopsis Edit

After four years of training NR Nookie is deployed to Titan, but is apprehensive about the placement due to the presence of the two powerful NSDF clans that control the moon; the Dark Spire Clan and his own Nether Region Forces. After receiving a warm welcome from the DSC he is informed that his own clanmates are out on an exercise on the other side of the moon and should be back shortly.

During that night Nookie is woken by a sudden noise. Upon investigating he finds all of the other DSC and NR members bound to chairs in the building's basement and guarded by members of the SOA, a clan engaged in a feud with both the DSC and NR. Nookie gathers a collection of arms and attacks the SOA members. All but the leader are killed before they can retaliate.

Horrified, the SOA leader reveals that the incident was a training exercise. Nookie is court-martialed for 16 counts of murder and sentenced to a life of imprisonment.[1]

References Edit

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