John Cooke is the protagonist of Battlezone II. He was raised on a farm in North Platte, Nebraska, where he thought he would live out the rest of his days fixing up trucks until the next loan came through. Distraught at this prospect of his future Cooke decided to join the US military as a means out of what would be a fairly simple existence. However due to his outstanding results in both physical and mental fitness tests he was was recommended and accepted into the second fleet of the ISDF. He was selected by Commander Yelena Shabeyev to join the Second Fleet's orange squad and before long was involved in the opening operations on Pluto against the Scion Convergence. he displayed formidable courage for a man of such lowly rank in the intimidating opening conflicts on Pluto and the Dark Planet; and was one of the unfortunate many to accompany Braddock's crusade against the Scions in the Core system.

Trivia Edit

  • John Cooke is named after Dark Reign 2 graphics programmer John Cooke.
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