Bz reich unit jagvespe
Name: Jagvespe (from "Jagen", chase, + "Vesper", or "Wespen", wasp)
Faction: Third Reich (Raumkräfte)
Type: Scout

The Jagvespe was the forward fighter of the Raumkräfte, the Third Reich's space project.

Details Edit

The Jagvespe was designed by Wilhelm Arkin to meet the requirement of a light, fast and manoeuvrable raiding vehicle for use in hit-and-run attacks. Its light armour but high speed made it one of the most versatile units in the German arsenal. Despite the lack of atmosphere on the moon the vehicle was build with an aerodynamic design, the two power plants for its V-Thruster build into outriggers that extend from the unit's sides.

It is rumored that the Soviets discovered a functional Jagvespe prototype when they moved into Dresden at the end of the war, hidden away in an underground bunker that escaped the RAF bombing of 1945. No record of such a discovery was ever made.[1]

Lost Brigade Edit

The Jagvespe was originally created by Activision for Lost Brigade, a World War II game that would later become Battlezone, as the German scout unit. The concept was cancelled when it was realised that it could not be advertised or sold openly in Germany if it made use of the Swastika or Balkenkreuz - the latter being the emblem of the Raumkräfte.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The name Jagvespe appears to derive from the German word "Jagen", to chase. "Vespe" has no direct translation, but the noun "Vesper" either translates as "snack" or is equivalent to the English loanword meaning evening prayers.

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References Edit

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