Island Warfare
Islandwarfare osg shell
Name: Island Warfare
World: Mire
Gametype: Strategy

Players: 2-8
Pools: 7

Island Warfare is a large Strategy map removed from Battlezone II shortly before its release.

Details Edit

The removed version of Island Warfare has very little in common with the released map of the same name other than its tropical Mire setting, sharing a great deal more in terms of gameplay with the similarly-removed Titan01. The map is constructed from a series of islands and peninsulas, with causeways stretching between them, though the large central island is connected to both ends of the north-east and south-western chains by four ISDF Bridges instead. The strategy guide advises destroying these in order to limit the mobility of tracked vehicles.

The map hosts seven biometal pools; presumably one in each base area, one at each end of each arm of the large island chains, and one at the middle of the central island. The thin causeways and bridges would have made these difficult for Scavengers to reach unaided, making the use of tugs advisable.[1]

Description Edit

"Don't let the tropical island setting fool you, this is not this is not a vacation spot. The map is made up of several small islands and peninsulas, all of which are connected by natural and man-made bridges. Treaded vehicles are at an extreme disadvantage in this map due to the fact that it is comprised of mostly water. Stick with hover-craft as much as you can. Try to reduce the enemy's attack points by keeping only certain bridges open; take out all the rest." - Mark H. Walker

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References Edit

  1. Battlezone II Official Strategy Guide, pg200
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