Instant Action, commonly initialised as IA, is a single-player player-versus-computer gamemode which appears in both Battlezone and Battlezone II.

Battlezone Edit

Instant Action did not appear in Battlezone until the release of User Mission 1 around a month after its release. User Mission 1 remained the only officially released Instant Action map until the release of Battle Grounds later the same year.

The design of Instant Action maps varies widely; some start the player with a Recycler and others do not, while some missions even start the player on foot. Originally, the goal of Instant Action missions was to destroy all opposing enemy units and structures on the map, though some more complex missions used trickery like re-targeting off-map turrets to work around this to create more complex goals. 1.3 allowed mapmakers greater control by allowing them to make the Recycler the only unit of critical importance, and allowed further customisation using the mission timer. When was released in February 2013, the implementation of lua gave users the ability to create maps with more complex goals.[1]

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Battlezone II Edit

By the release of Battlezone II Instant Action had become much more structured and was fully included in the game. Prior to 1.3.2, players could choose to play as a pilot or commander, being given resources by or taking control of the Recycler respectively; this feature was removed to allow the user to choose to play as the ISDF or Scion Convergence rather than have the map dictate their race. 1.3.2 also introduced Recycler Variants, granting the player choice over a varying set of vehicles, and presented the option of a variety of AIP sets and player respawn.[2]

In Instant Action the player starts in a Scout with an undeployed Recycler, with the goal of destroying the opposing team's Recycler whilst preserving their life and that of their own Recycler.[3] In January 2000, Pandemic released files that allowed users to create custom singleplayer mission scripts, thus enabling the creation of Instant Action maps of much greater complexity.[4]

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