In contrast to explicit gamemodes such as Deathmatch, Strategy and Instant Action, implicit gamemodes are bound by player-defined rules agreed upon within the game's own. Several implicit gamemodes have existed throughout the game's history.

Battlezone Edit

Cheating Allowed Edit

While Activision's own Battlezone servers were still running it was commonplace for players to manipulate exploits in the game to gain an unfair advantage or cheat in other ways, thereby ruining the game for players who were unaware or unwilling. To combat this Cheating Allowed games were set up, which was intended to encourage cheating to enhance play in place of cheating to gain an advantage. The idea of this was that if cheating were allowed and encouraged in some games it would occur less in others, but it unfortunately never quite worked and cheating remained a problem for other players.[1]

Unit-Limited Edit

It is not unusual to see games that specify a particular class of vehicle that is not to be used as it is seen as too powerful, but in the past players would create games that specifically allowed the use of only one type of vehicle. Popular variations on this were to allow only Scouts to produce fast-paced cannon-only matches with very little in the way of guided missile fire, Bombers for slower movement but faster combat, Walkers for gameplay similar to the MechWarrior series and even Landers, which due to the vehicle's unusual physics often involved combat at a altitudes usually unobtainable.[1]

Turrets vs Walkers Edit

A deathmatch-based gamemode where players may only choose to play using turrets (typically the Badger or Pak) or walkers (the Sasquatch or Golem). These two groups of players would be forbidden from attacking each other; while walkers have the strength and power advantage, the turrets' maneuverability and small size allows them to more easily hide or escape the Walker players.
Leap of Faith was a favorite for this form of play, as visibility is low and its Rave Gun can be used to great effect by turret players. It has declined in popularity in recent years due to balance changes made by the 1.5 patch, and the introduction of units from The Red Odyssey to the original game's multiplayer.

Battlezone II Edit

Iraq War Mode Edit

Less an implicit gamemode than an easter-egg, this MPI-based game mode was introduced by the 1.3 patch. When selected, all weapons are rendered able to destroy any unit in a single shot. It can be enabled in MPI matches by setting human starting unit skill to 3, CPU unit skill to 0, and selecting the first three turrets in the starting vehicle list before playing.

References Edit

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