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ISDF Training
Name: ISDF Training
Campaign: ISDF Campaign

Faction: ISDF
Enemy: None

ISDF Training is a cut mission originating from Battlezone II that would have taken place at the start of the ISDF Campaign.[1] This only evidence of the mission's existence is through the presence of its scripts in the DLL Source Pack.

Details Edit

In the apparently older mission script the player starts as a pilot alongside three fellow pilots, and joins them in heading to a firing range some way out of the base. The other pilots attack the player first one-on-one and then two-on-one, retreating to the base when they are defeated. After the player defeats all three of their comrades they too are called back to the base.[1]

The second, which is much more developed, opens with a cutscene of an active base. After the two scouts he was with depart the base, Rosas leads the player to a firing range and engages them in combat. The firing range also provides the player the opportunity to try out the Jackal, Avenger, Sabre, Griffin and Bulldog, though entering any of these ships will cause Rosas to break off and return to the base. The level also featured an optional "playground" area with a Recycler which the player can use to acquaint themselves with base building. The mission ends when the player also returns.[2]

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References Edit

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