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ISDF Field Manual
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The Environments, Ordnance, Transports, Adversaries Field Manual, coded FM-456-31-9876 and commonly referred to as the ISDF Field Manual despite the presumed existence of several other similar documents of such capacity, is issued to individuals cleared in the highest three levels of ISDF security.[1]

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Presumably having succeeded the NSDF Field Briefing Guide, the ISDF Field Manual is compiled at Fort Lessing. It deals with a number of aspects of the ISDF including its history, technology, weaponry, equipment and current environments and foes; the fourth manual particularly pertains to the Scion Convergence in this regard.

The manual comes with specific warnings that it is only to be used for military purposes and should not be released outside the ISDF, with such acts carrying penalty of planetary treason, and that it should be not be transmitted by satellite or ship-to-ship communication or with anything less than maximum encryption when being distributed digitally. It also warns that the information contained within may be unverified or otherwise inaccurate.

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