High Powered Sniper Rifle
Faction: Black Dogs
Name: High Powered Sniper Rifle
Type: Pilot weapon
Ammo Cost: 1
Damage: 250
Fire Rate: 1 round/second
Projectile Speed: 1000 m/s
Range: 500m

The High Powered Sniper Rifle is an anti-materiel variation on the standard NSDF plasma rifle.


The components that accommodate the primary fire of the high powered rifle are unchanged, but it is equipped with a more powerful sniper attachment capable of dealing five times as much damage against enemy units and buildings.[1] Black Dog lieutenant Cobra One carried one of these, along with 1200 rounds, into action on Mars during their mission to research the CCA Mammoth, though by the time of their redeployment with the rest of their wing to capture the tank's prototype they were reduced to the standard three rounds.[2]


The rifle's primary purpose is to allow soldiers deployed without a vehicle, such as those on infiltration missions, to neutralize enemy armor at range. Its vastly increased damage output compared to a standard-issue sniper rifle makes it difficult to use to commandeer enemy vehicles, as it takes significantly fewer missed shots to completely destroy the target. In the event that the target vehicle's pilot is killed on the first shot, the amount of damage done to the vehicle itself puts the sniper at a significant disadvantage compared to the standard-issue equivalent.

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