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Hidden Enemy is a short story by Kevin Skrepnek that retells the introduction of Battlezone: The Red Odyssey from the perspective of Roger Whyte, a Black Dog Sergeant and Razor pilot ambushed and killed by the CRA.

Synopsis Edit

Whyte is reflecting on the events of the Biometal War and his posting to Ganymede when he overhears 4 Platoon's initial encounter with the CRA via radio. After hearing the destruction of the platoon's Gizzlies he begins to retreat, but is killed by a CRA tank (presumably a Yeti). He was publicly recorded as the victim of a training accident.[1]

Continuity Edit

The story makes two major continuity mistakes; it places the events of The Red Odyssey as after those of Battlezone, and it identifies 4 Platoon as an NSDF squadron formerly led by Grizzly One. While Grizzly One may have led the NSDF 4th Platoon, the platoon seen in action on Ganymede was the Black Dog 4th.

References Edit

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