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Name: Hephaestus
Type: Cargo vessel
Faction: Olympian Council
Location: Mars

Health: 7000

The Hephaestus was an Olympian cargo vessel discovered by the NSDF during Escape from Mars.

Description Edit

The Hephaestus was a hybrid cargo vessel, carrier and production facility operated by the Olympian Council. Its stealth technology allowed it to evade detection while travelling, thus keeping the location of the Olympian facilities secret from the Hadean Crown.

The Hephaestus would be loaded with strain V biometal by Cyclops drones at the Lemnos factory for delivery to the Omega Star Port. While en route to its destination it would manufacture whatever equipment was required by the Olympian Armada before it was delivered to other ports around the system.[1][2] It is not clear if the Hephaestus exclusively worked on the supply line between Lemnos and the Omega Star Port or whether it was deployed to other systems during its service.

The existence and nature of the Hephaestus was first revealed to the NSDF through analysis of the Lemnos ruins. The discovery of the ship's location became their top priority until Grizzly One and the Fourth Platoon happened upon it while heading to assist the Fifth. The information gained from it led the NSDF to the Omega Star Port a short distance away.[3]

The descriptions of the Hephaestus' function implies it is in many ways similar to a Recycler, despite having been completely unheard of until long after the Recycler's conception.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the Hephaestus is spelt "Hephestus" a total of seven times, including in the ship's information dialog. The correct spelling is only used four times but is the name that appears when the ship is targeted.
  • The Hephaestus is named after Hephaestus, the Greek god of smiths, metals and volcanoes.

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References Edit

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