Henry Manson
Name: Henry Manson
Date of Birth: 1959-12-06
Status (ISDF Ending): Dead
Date of Death: Unknown
Status (Scion Ending): Alive
Rank: Major
Affiliation: ISDF, AAN Loyalists

Henry Manson was a Major in the ISDF and the right-hand man of Armond Braddock

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Before recruitment, Henry Manson was a Lieutenant in the US Navy Seals, where he showed extraordinary bravery in undercover operations in Iran. He was recommended to the ISDF by his commanding officer Major Shemin. He presented a good candidate due to his strong loyalty and sense of duty, and had adjusted to military life well despite previous psychological issues (the death of a parent and sibling, which lead him to suffer from mild necrophobia). He has always referred to his squadron as his family, and makes constant references to missions, friends and colleagues when faced with a Rorschach test.


During his time in the ISDF, Manson rose quickly through the ranks, reaching the rank of Major. Once Braddock reached General, he chose to take Manson as his right hand man. This made Manson much more aware of Braddock's plans than the rest of the Second Fleet. Braddock also tasked Manson with clearing up any evidence of Braddock's previous involvement with the Scions, ordering him to destroy the Teleportal Device on the Dark Planet. Later, upon learning the full extend of Braddock's plans and not willing to be witness to genocide, he defected with a small contingent of loyal soldiers, forming and leading a rebellion against Braddock which allied itself with the Scions.

ISDF Ending Edit

Manson's plans, however, were brought to an end when Braddock ordered Major Cooke into his main base on Rend in an Attila Walker, bringing and end to the rebellion and killing Manson in the process.

Scion Ending Edit

The alliance between Manson's rebels and the Scions eventually overpowered Braddock's IDSF, and Manson was offered a full pardon by the AAN.

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