CCA Gun Tower
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Faction: CCA
Name: Gun Tower
Built By: Erector
Requires Power: Yes

Health: 5000
Scrap Cost: 6

The Gun Tower is the most common form of defense for a CCA base.


As the CCA's primary form of defense, the Gun Tower is typically seen deployed at the perimeter of a base or at locations of strategic importance. The gun tower is equipped with dual Chain Guns, though it can be upgraded to carry more powerful weapons by the Armory.


The Gun Tower requires a power source just like all other defensive structures, so removing it is often the most efficient way to disable them - especially true when one generator powers multiple structures. If towers are placed poorly and do not cover each other, it is relatively easy to exploit the blind spot provided by the power generator to neutralise the structure without being exposed to return fire.

A direct attack on a Gun Tower is best done from outside the range of its weapons if at all possible. Indirect fire weapons such as mortars allow the tower to be attacked wile return fire is blocked by terrain, and more powerful weapons such as the Thumper and Rocket Bomb can disorient the tower enough to prevent it from maintaining an efficient defence.

The hobbling tactic of dropping a weaker weapon on a Gun Tower is less effective with the CCA tower than its NSDF cousin since its weapons are already relatively weak, though it can be used to undo upgrades to more powerful weapons such. In past versions, the MAG cannon was capable of rendering Gun Towers completely useless as the AI was incapable of dealing with charging weapons, but this was resolved in The Red Odyssey and the 1.5 Patch.
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