Gun Spire
Faction: Scion
Name: Gun Spire
Built By: Builder
Requirements: None
Scrap Cost: 75
Scrap Value:

The Scion gun spire is a tall arc-blast firing machine. It requires one Lung to function. It has a range of 200 meters. Far larger than ISDF Gun towers and able to be built without need fo relay bunkers, Scion gun Spires are able to rapidly dominate a strategic pass and hold present a signifigant obstacle to any commander. Its poweful arc cannon, a larger version of the weapon equiped to the Titan, can quickly rip through light armor and is lethal to any stray infantryman. They are best dispatched with long range plasma cannons or swarms of mortar bikes, though this will often result in some losses for the mortar bike squad.

Scion Convergence
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