ISDF Griffin Rocket Tank
Ivrckt grid
Faction: ISDF
Name: Griffin Rocket Tank
Built By: Factory
Requirements: Relay Bunker, Armory

Health: 3000
Ammo: 2500
Scrap Cost: 65
Scrap Value: 25

P missile 1 FAF
P missile 1 Salvo


Also known as the Hellcat, the Griffin is good protection against lighter attackers such as Tanks or Scouts even when it is outnumbered. It is also ideal for spearheading base assaults; its powerful rockets can prove to be a deadly first weapon to take down enemy guntowers froma safe range. its realtively high speed for a tracked vehicle means that it can also be used as an excellent unit to quickly entrench a position such as Bio-metal pools or strategic passes. During the AAN's battle against Braddock's forces during the closing days of the Human-Scion war, it also proved effective at taking out New Regime Bombers.



  • Tracked
  • Low speed


  • Heavy armour


  • Rocket
  • Rocket
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