CCA Grendel

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Faction: CCA
Name: Unknown
Codename: Grendel
Vehicle Type: Rocket Bomber
Built By: Unit Factory

Health: 3000
Ammo: 1500
Build Time: 15s
Cost: 9

P missile 1 Rocket Bomb
P missile 1 Rocket Bomb
P cannon 1 Empty

The Grendel is the CCA's rocket bomber.


The CCA Grendel is a large asymmetric craft with a single large wing on the left side of the main fuselage connecting the cockpit and stabilising engines to the main intake and weapons. Its maneuverability is comparable to that of the NSDF Thunderbolt. Standard armament consists of powerful rockets ideal for base assault and heavy field support.


The Grendel's greatest disadvantage is its poor turn rate, which is best offset by giving it an escort of lighter vehicles. It can be devastating against lighter vehicles in combat, but their much greater agility can make them incredibly hard to hit. The Grendel is thus best used to attack fortified emplacements, the range of its armament allowing it to fire without being hit by defences. It can also be used on hit-and-run attacks on lighter positions, staying in motion to limit the vulnerability presented by its lack of maneuverability.

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