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Grab the Scientists
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Name: Grab the Scientists
World: Luna
Campaign: Rise of the Black Dogs

Faction: Black Dogs
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 0
Geysers: 1

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Grab the Scientists is the first mission of the Nintendo 64-exclusive campaign Rise of the Black Dogs. This mission marks the moment when Commander Shaw's Black Dog platoon discovers the NSDF and CCA working together.


The mission takes place in and around a series of craters which provide good protection to the CCA structures within, forcing attacking forces through bottlenecks which are consistently guarded by Gun Towers.


Having come across reports indicating that a senior NSDF scientist has been captured by the Soviets, Cobra One is sent in with a small wing of Black Dogs to locate the scientist, rescue them and destroy the opposition.

In order to locate the outpost housing the scientist, the Black Dogs break into a CCA communications outpost. After the facility has been captured Cobra One is able to determine that the scientist has been relocated to the CCA's main nearby research facility by using a decoding device built into their Grizzly to intercept communications from the Headquarters. The research outpost is powered by two large solar arrays, which the Black Dogs destroy in order to cripple the facility. 

After the solar arrays are destroyed, but before the Black Dogs can respond and attack the research outpost, a group of NSDF forces approach the base using the same communications channel as the soviets. The Black Dogs discover they are there to rescue the scientist and attack full force, destroying the base and its Satellite Tower in the process.

The destruction of the research outpost prevents the CCA from further advancing their weapons research, and after one of the captured lab technicians is forced to speak to a KGB official it is discovered that the alien object the NSDF forces were transporting is an armory of some kind.


  • Though not made clear by the debriefing it is highly likely that the technician speaking to the KGB official was, willingly or unwillingly, acting as an informant.


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