Name: Ghost
Vehicle Type: Spectator Craft

Health: 3000
Ammo: 0
Built Time: 0
Scrap Cost: 0

The Ghost is an unused spectator craft cut from Battlezone, created to allow users to roam and observe the battlefield without getting involved in combat. It was never implemented, but its files can be found within the game assets.

Description Edit

The Ghost's model consists only of a camera point; [1] it has no weapons and no hull, which decreases its size to a single point, and no heat or radar signature. These aside, the rest of its features are based on those of the Grizzly.[2]

The Ghost would have significant downsides as a spectator craft. Its size would make it incredibly difficult to damage directly with any weapon, but its low health would mean it is particularly vulnerable to splash damage. Whilst unable to directly engage in combat it could be used to ram vehicles and run over enemy Pilots. It is, however, unusable in its current state, as its presence will cause the game to crash.

References Edit

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