Geo-Thermal Power Cell
Hbcrys render
Faction: Furies
Name: Geo-Thermal Power Cell

Geo-Thermal Power Cells are a form of power plant used by the Furies, and by extension possibly also the Hadean Crown.


The Geo-Thermal Power Cell gathers energy by hooking itself into the core of the world it is constructed on, harnessing the huge amounts of heat and pressure there. This energy can then be fed to Fury Production Facilities to trigger bio-metal fusion or stored for later use.[1]

Since these generators are intended to connect to the core of astronomical bodies, they are far bigger than they appear; assuming Achilles were of similar size to Titan and proportionate to Earth they would meed to stretch approximately 12 kilometers below the surface to reach the moon's upper mantle, or over a thousand to reach its core proper; the part of the generator visible from the surface would in this case account for less than 8 millionths of 1% of the structure's true size.

Because they connect so heavily to the world's core, these power cells present a major problem; their destruction presents an outlet for the core's pressure. If this release is too great, it could lead to a cataclysmic event that would eventually destroy the planet; this was seen on Achilles,[2] and these cells are implied to have been responsible for the destruction of the Cthonian planet Icarus when the Furies first originated.

Involvement Edit

Three power cells are seen at the site of the Fury Production Facilities in Tapping the Core, the penultimate mission of Stars and Stripes. By the time the NSDF arrive they are already anchored to the core and powering the factories, and Grizzly One is forced to destroy them in order to prevent the construction of further Furies. This provided a great enough pressure release to bring about the moon's destruction.[2]

Destroying the three generators will complete the mission, and it is possible to complete the mission relatively quickly by targeting them alone.

Earlier Versions Edit

The Geo-Thermal Power Cell's classname, hbcrys, reveals its original purpose as the Power Converter mentioned in early drafts of Tapping the Core. This earlier script had Grizzly One cause the power levels in the factories to increase to near-critical levels which return to normal before any damage can be done.[3][4] After a few moments, Corporal Buzz discovers that the power converters use Power Crystals to prevent this;[5] the converters are seemingly indestructible, but by placing an unprocessed crystal into the mechanism Grizzly One successfully overloads them and destroys the Fury factories.[6]

The Power Cell's in-game interestingly identifies it as a "Crystal Factory", implying that the building may also have been intended for another purpose at an even earlier point in development.[7]

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References Edit

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