Ganymede render
Position: Satellite of Jupiter
Distance from Sun: 5.2 AU
Distance from Earth: ~62.3 million Km
Surface Gravity: 0.15
Surface Composition: Silicate rock and water ice
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.2x10-11 Bar
Surface Temperature: -173C
Axis Rotation: Static
Sun Orbit Period: 4332.5 days
Jupiter Orbit Period: 7.2 days
Diameter: 5262 Km

The surface of Ganymede is generally characterized by rolling hills and valleys, although there are some areas where sheer-sided canyons are common. There are many impact craters, affording useful cover in a firefight. Bio-metal is liberally strewn around the moon, as a result of its very thin atmosphere; this stopped the metal from burning up on entry, as it would on a planet with a thicker atmosphere.


  • The Red Odyssey manual gives a mean temperature of "85 degrees" though does not provide a period or scale. Temperatures on Ganymede vary so wildly that this could be an overall average in Fahrenheit, a night-time average in Kelvin, or a day-time average in Centigrade.
  • Despite appearing in only one entry in the entire series, Ganymede has the second-greatest amount of maps across the entire series. Only Luna surpasses it as a result of the large number of repeated maps in Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs.



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