Fury Tank
Hvsat render
Faction: Furies
Name: Fury Tank
Vehicle Type: Super-Advanced Tank

Health: 4000
Ammo: 2000

P cannon 1 Bolt Buddy
P missile 1 WASP

The Fury Tank is one of two variants of Fury vehicle seen in Battlezone.

Involvement Edit

Whilst weaker than its sister craft the Fury Flier, the Fury Tank also much less common. Aside from its heavy presence on Titan and Achilles during Stars and Stripes and appearances on Mars, Venus, Titan and Achilles in Battlezone: Battle Grounds, the tank also appears on Luna during Prepare to Evacuate, the final mission of Rise of the Black Dogs.

Notes Edit

  • The Fury Tank's object name - hvsat - stands for "Hadean vehicle, super-advanced tank".
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