Fury Production Facility
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Faction: Furies
Name: Fury Production Facility

Fury Production Facilities, also referred to as Fury Factories, are large structures used to manufacture Fury Tanks and Fury Fliers.


The factories used by the Furies are visually very similar to those originally used by the Hadean Crown to produce them, and may even use the same specifications. They require an immense amount of energy (generated by Geo-Thermal Power Cells) to enact the process of Biometal Fusion, creating Strain III on-demand before molding it into the required form.[1]


Four Fury Production Facilities appear in the second-last mission of Stars and Stripes, Tapping the Core. They are powered by three Geo-Thermal Power Cells and guarded by an extensive minefield and numerous Fury vehicles. The factories themselves do not function, though the mission script does periodically spawn Furies in their proximity. Whilst they can be destroyed, this is not necessary as the mission is completed by destroying the three generators to the rear.[2]

Fury factories from both the Biometal War and Cthonian civil war appear in several missions in Battlezone: Battle Grounds. They are also seen in Battlezone: The Red Odyssey on Elysium during the Dogs of War mission Grand Theft Portal, suggesting that Fury construction may have occurred there.

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