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Fury Fighter
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The Fury Fighter is a light attack craft of Fury origin. It was created for use in Battlezone, but it was ultimately never used. Its model was discovered in a collection of raw game assets.

Description Edit

The Fury fighter has an arrowheaded shape, and is slightly longer and wider than an NSDF Razor. This shape, and relatively small size compared to other Fury craft, suggests a fast-moving craft designed for hit-and-run attacks. It is not clear what its armament would be, but the WASP seems unlikely given the size of the craft.

The unit's particularly extensive armament consists of two cannons on the tips of its wings, a rocket hardpoint along the root of its left wing, a mortar at its nose and a special hardpoint to its rear.[1] Fully equipped, a Fury fighter could present a considerable threat.

Trivia Edit

  • The fighter's model carries a total of five weapon hardpoints. This is the maximum number of weapons a unit in Battlezone can carry, though no stock unit ever takes advantage of this.
  • The model file for the unit contains an error that results in the unit crashing the game upon its destruction; this may have been the reason it never made it into the final version of the game.

References Edit

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