Faction: Furies
Era: Biometal Wars

The Furies were a race of sentient biometal craft originally created by the Hadean Crown and later replicated by the CCA. Both iterations of the war machines went rogue and had to be destroyed.

The Furies were slated for an appearance in Battlezone II, but they were removed and the Scion Convergence appeared instead. This led to some confusion as to the nature of the Scions and many fans incorrectly assumed a retcon had taken place.

History Edit

The first Furies were created from Strain III biometal by the Hadean Crown in an effort to end their war against the Olympian Council. Their production began on Venus, later moving to Io and again to Elysium as the Olympian Hercules Brigade hounded the Hadean facilities. Their deployment was initially successful, but the Furies eventually turned on their creators as well. The situation became so dire that the Hadeans and Olympians joined forces against them, but they were still unable to turn the tide and were eventually forced into destroying their own planet in order to stop them from spreading.

During the Biometal War, the NSDF and CCA discovered a relic from the Lerna factory on Io. After failing to capture it and instead stealing it from the NSDF, the CCA were able to use this relic to recreate the Furies on Titan, presumably using prisoners of war to create the necessary biometal strain. These new Soviet Furies initially obliterate the NSDF forces, including an entire column Black Dogs, before turning on their creators after an attempt to modify their command protocols. The furies proceed to wreak havoc on CCA forces as well, forcing the NSDF and CCA to join their forces in order to stop them. After the Furies escape Titan and flee to Achilles, the combined force follows and destroys the geothermally-powered production facilities created there. The resulting explosions set of a chain reaction that leads to the moon's complete destruction.

The Fury's last ditch attempt to escape the planet is also foiled, but the debris ejected from the moon's explosion would have contained large amounts of biometal and scattered the material across the solar system anew. This fresh supply proved vital for the strengthening of the ISDF, formed a few years later.

Appearances Edit

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