Fountain Mine
Name: Fountain Mine
Type: P special 1 Special

Damage: Extreme
Speed: Fast
Duration: 10s

The Fountain Mine is one of three Insane Weapons included in Battlezone II. It occupies a Special hardpoint.

Details Edit

When triggered, the Fountain Mine is deployed as a flare mine on the ground. It stays idle for one second - long enough for the user to escape its line of fire - then fires ninety small but powerful hailshot ordnances upwards at 50m/s over nine seconds before detonating in a powerful explosion. These small missiles arc back down towards the ground, each firing a single energy bolt at the largest radar target in their vicinity before detonating on impact.

Tactics Edit

A single Fountain Mine can be enough to completely destroy some smaller outposts, and between them two or three are capable of wiping out all but the largest and most spread-out bases. Their surprisingly low ammo requirement (a Sabre is capable of carrying twelve at a time) means they can also be useful for area denial; a single Fountain Mine can prevent the enemy from accessing an area the best part of a hundred meters square. The incredible damage output makes it a formidable weapon, and if the enemy is ever seen deploying it then destroying them should become an immediate priority.

Damage Values Edit

As a multi-stage weapon, the damage dealt by the Fountain Mine can vary widely. The below values display the greatest amount of damage the stage is capable of delivering.

Stage Type Duration Damage vs Armor Damage vs Shield Overrides vs armor
None Light Heavy Deflection Stasis Absorption
Fountain Flare Mine 10s 0-5000 0-5000 0-5000 0-5000 0-5000 0-5000
Hailshot Popper To impact 0-75(miss)
100-175 (hit)
100-160 (hit)
100-150 (hit)
100-175 (hit)
100-160 (hit)
100-150 (hit)
Hailbolt Beam Instant 200 200 200 200 200 200
Total 0-5375 0-5360 0-5350 0-5375 0-5360 0-5350

Appearances Edit

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