CCA Flanker

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Faction: CCA
Name: Flanker
Built By: Recycler

Health: 1900
Ammo: 600
Built Time: 12s
Scrap Cost: 6

P cannon 1 Chain Gun
P cannon 1 Chain Gun
P missile 1 Empty

The Flanker is the CCA fighter, designer for speed and agility over combat ability.


The Flanker is a light and fast combat vehicle ideal for scouting and reconnaissance operations, easily recognized by its wing-like appendages. It is roughly equivalent to the NSDF Razor; slightly better armored and with a little less nano ammo.

The Flanker was the first CCA vehicle encountered by the NSDF on Luna, and was the most widely-fielded of the CCA units during the Biometal War.

Strategy Edit

The Flanker serves as a decent complement to the Czar in a standard CCA strike force. Since they are made available early in the game, they are often used in early aggressive tactics. A fast and fairly agile unit, they are good hit-and-run units. In a head-on fight, Flankers tend to be on the losing end due to their relatively low hull, and solely fighter attack groups can be quickly defeated by more armored units. Flankers can be seen when a player decides to double the speed of unit production by creating Flankers and Czars in unison when a player is short on time to get an attack force prepared.

The Flanker's weapons can be significantly improved using the armory, potentially allowing players who are agile and aware enough to weild a fast-moving and hard-hitting strike craft. Flankers used in such a way are something of a glass cannon, and are more difficult to use than a Razor in the same circumstances due to their larger size.

Notes Edit

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