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Name: Exploratory
World: Mars
Campaign: Rise of the Black Dogs

Faction: Black Dogs
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 4
Geysers: 4

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Exploratory is the third mission Rise of the Black Dogs. It portrays the Black Dogs' discovery of the Mammoth and subsequent investingation. The mission can only be found in Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs.


Exploratory takes place in the same area as The Relic Discovered, though is set long after the Biometal War first reached Mars.


The Black Dogs have discovered that the Mammoth, a secret and experimental CCA tank they had long believed to exist, is present on Mars. In preparation to steal it, Cobra One is sent in, alone and on foot, to reconnoitre the area and gather information on the tank prior to a larger assault. To this end Cobra One is equipped with a High Powered Sniper Rifle by Corporal Baker to help them take out nearby Gun Towers.

Upon reaching the area Cobra One is first ordered to approach a Hangar undetected, with the goal of finding a Tractor to allow them to move more freely. After taking out the nearby Gun Towers and Satellite Tower, they locate one at a nearby supply outpost and commandeer a vehicle.

Energy readings detected using the Tractor reveal that the Mammoth is defended by four Shield Generators, so Cobra One is then directed to destroy the control tower from which they are operated. Once this is destroyed they are free to investigate the Mammoth, using their backpack to transmit the technical data to Commander Shaw.

The transmission, whilst successful, is detected by the CCA, and Cobra One is left with two minutes to reach an evacuation point more than a kilometer away. Fortunately, the data acquired will allow the Black Dogs to construct a version of their own once they have acquired the prototype.


Rise of the Black Dogs
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