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Enforcer & Slingshot

Biometal War






This unnamed five-part map series was created specifically for Battlezone: Battle Grounds by JD Houser and Toni Chaffin. The first mission, The Rescue existed before its release in Battle Grounds as a standalone map, but Battle Grounds included a re-worked version designed to take advantage of 1.3 features alongside three other exclusive missions.

E&S Part 4: Moving Out was released to Macmillan Digital Publishing but excluded from the pack for unknown reasons. It later received a standalone release of its own, as did each of the other missions.

The Rescue[edit | edit source]

Part 1 shell.png
Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B Io Small Enough Lots

Having long thought Io abandoned and of no more military significance, the NSDF begin detecting CCA transmissions from the moon. A reconnaissance force is sent in under Commander Neve is ambushed on landing and mostly destroyed; the Sophia, Mobile Unit Factory and Constructor survived the assault and are now broadcasting distress signals. A lone Commander is deployed to the surface on foot to infiltrate the area these units are being held in and release them, then use them to destroy the CCA.

The Scrap Yard[edit | edit source]

Part 2 shell.png
Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B Luna Medium Enough Some

Given command of the Lynx, the Commander is relocated to the moon, where the CCA are preparing a counter-assault. With approximately one hour remaining until the CCA begin their assault, he is forced to destroy the two Recyclers in the area and clean up the remaining forces.

The Quarry[edit | edit source]

Part 3 shell.png
Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B+ Titan Medium Lots Several

With their scrap facilities on the moon captured, the CCA move to steal those of the NSDF by attacking a biometal quarry on Titan; the commander is assigned to defend the Azur from potential CCA assault. Satellite imaging has detected several NSDF units in the area, but no NSDF units should be deployed nearby; they are presumably CCA-controlled.

Moving Out[edit | edit source]

Part 4 shell.png

Intelligence suggests the CCA are preparing another massive assault, and the Commander is deployed with the H&K on Europa near one of their underground manufacturing facilities in order to disable it by intercepting a production convoy; there are four Launch Pads in the area and the five convoys must be destroyed before they can reach the base.

The Final Assault[edit | edit source]

Part 5 shell.png
Author Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
JD Houser & Toni Chaffin B Mars Medium Lots Enough

The Commander sent to Mars to fight off what appears to be the counter-assault the CCA have been preparing for. The Aiwa is on the way to the Commander's position, and once the Commander has ensured it arrives safely he uses it to destroy the CCA forces.

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