"NASA's pride and joy. If you're riding in the lunar lander you may want to consider putting in your application to the NSDF."[1]

NSDF LM-5 Eagle
Avland render.png
Faction: NSDF / NASA
Name: Lunar Module
Codename: Eagle
Vehicle Type: Self-Propelled Defensive Turret

Health: 1000[?]
Ammo: 2000
Scrap Cost: 6
Scrap Value: 3

P cannon 1.jpg Rave Gun
P cannon 1.jpg Empty

The Eagle is a dual-purpose lander and defensive emplacement based on the original Apollo LM-5 by the NSDF. The NSDF version differs from the NASA original in its mass-produced nature, its significantly weaker defenses (only 20% those of the original) and its equipped Rave Gun.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The original NASA LM-5 Eagle can be seen in the mission Red Arrival. The first photograph of Neil Armstrong stepping off the original LM-5 onto the lunar surface was in fact taken by George Collins.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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