Dark Planet
Dark render
Position: Outermost planet of Sol
Surface Temperature: 2.3K
Diameter: 5488 Km

The Dark Planet is a biometalloid world hidden in the Kuiper Belt, beyond the orbit of Pluto. It was first discovered by the ISDF and later invaded (and, in the Scion Campaign, Alchemated) by the Scion Convergence.

Description Edit

The origins of the Dark Planet are a complete mystery. Its surface is composed primarily of biometal, with occasional outcroppings of strange blue rock that bely its true nature as a biometalloid. Beams of light project into the sky and tunnels beneath the surface hide components revealing that it could be Alchemated.

History Edit

When the Black Dogs fled the solar system to escape Braddock, they discovered the Dark Planet and hid there, using the alien technology they discovered on the world to re-imagine themselves as the Scions. Their efforts were not perfect, however; they were still unable to correct a flaw in their existence introduced as a fail-safe by Project Pedigree and were left reliant on the planet in order to prevent it from killing them. The planet was not perfect, however, and the Scions left in search of a new way of

The Dark Planet was later discovered by the ISDF, its unusual atmospheric composition and machined appearance having previously kept it hidden from human observation. Braddock, who nicknamed it after its concealed nature, managed to keep the discovery a secret and began diverting resources to investigate the planet. Cerberus Base was built on Pluto as a forward base and staging point, acting as a half-way point between the Dark Planet and the rest of the solar system as well as storage of mining equipment for use on the biometalloid. Publicly, the planet remained non-existant; in secret, the ISDF made massive advances as a result of the technology it found there.

When the exiled Scions returned to Sol, they did so in search of a way to stabilise a fail-safe introduced by Project Pedigree which had been slowly killing them over the decades since their escape from Braddock, but found its current form unable to sustain them. Their arrival in the system started a war against the ISDF's Second Fleet which led to the scuttling of the ISDF's operations there and, at the end of the Scion Campaign, the alchemation of the planet at the hands of the Scions.

Scion Campaign Edit

After its successful Alchemation, the Dark Planet became a Core, the massive supercomputer the Scions needed to keep their systems stable. This they made their permanent home, entering a peaceful existence with humanity.

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