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Da Bomb!
Name: Da Bomb!
P mortar 1 Mortar

Ammo Cost: 100
Fire Rate: 0.3/s
Projectile Speed: 45m/s, 50m/s

Damage: 16000
Duration: >22s

The early, demo version of Da Bomb! is one of two Insane Weapons included in the Battlezone II Demo, the other being the Rave Gun. It requires a Mortar hardpoint.


The demo version of Da Bomb! is based on the Splinter. Once fired, the projectile pops up and launches a hundred small heat-seeking missiles, each dealing significant damage, before exploding like a Day Wrecker.


This version of Da Bomb! is not accessible through normal play, though can be made usable through modding by renaming its weapon crate to swap it for one already on the map, or by porting its assets to a release version of the game with access to the editor.

When launching the mortar one should take care to fire it away from allied forces, as the projectiles it launches are fast and difficult to dodge and the explosion that will follow is large and damaging. Launching it into clusters of enemy forces or emplacements is ideal.

Damage ValuesEdit

Stage Type Duration Damage
Dabomb Spraybomb To impact 5000
Dabomb2 Spraymine 10s 1000
Dabombray Thermalmissile 10s 100
Total 16000

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