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Name: Cyclops
Type: Labor robot
Faction: Olympian Council
Location: Mars

Health: 7000

The Cyclops is an autonomous labor and defense unit created by the Olympian Council and discovered by the NSDF during An Unexpected Connection.

Description Edit

The Cyclops was primarily used to load the Hephaestus with biometal created by the Lemnos factory for transport to the Omega Star Port. The units were also employed in the facility's defense; the large lens in the head of the unit housed a powerful particle beam capable of incinerating enemy units.[1] It is not clear whether this beam was intended as a weapon or whether its use in this purpose was improvised, but it presumably is related to the Flash Cannon designed by the Hadean Crown.

One surviving Cyclops was discovered at the Lemnos facility during the Biometal War. The NSDF forces who initially made the discovery then had to defend it from capture - and later, destruction - by the CCA.[2]

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References Edit

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