For the star system, see Core (system).
Core render
Position: Joint-first planet of the Core system
Distance from Suns: 1.27 AU
Surface Temperature: 200K
Diameter: 10000 Km

The mysterious titular planet of the Core system, Core is presumed to be artificial. Its surface appears to be constructed entirely of biometal and it is riddled with tunnels filled with complex circuitry. Rather than the usual core of molten metals and alloys, at Core's centre is a massive supercomputer, protected by drones and defence towers. This computer, however, is failing for unknown reasons.

The Scions rely on Core to perform Scion dialysis to stabilise the biometal in their bodies; spending a long time away from the planet eventually leads to sickness and death, and the destruction of the planet would doom the entire species.

Eventually, the Scions succeed in alchemating the Dark Planet, transferring it into a near-perfect copy of Core.

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