Complex1 shell
Name: Complex
World: Unknown
Gametype: Sniper Deathmatch

Players: 2-8
Ammo: 0
Repair: 0

Complex is a Sniper Deathmatch map by Phillip Tanner and included in Battlezone: Battle Grounds. It is set on a world similar to the Dark Planet from Battlezone II.[1]

Details Edit

The world on which Complex is set has many similarities to the Dark Planet introduced in Battlezone II; dark terrain, geometric layout and sparse deposits of brightly-colored liquid. High terrain walls and a tight layout produces a distinctly enclosed arena, and despite its size the map can be difficult to navigate as a result.

Unlike the Dark Planet the liquid on this world is highly dangerous, and can eat through biometal armor in seconds. The planet's surface appears gray but produces a red dust when disturbed and exposed to the atmosphere, possibly indicating the presence of lithium on the surface.

Strategy Edit

There are no health or ammunition pickups to be found anywhere around the map; these cannot be picked up by pilots. Instead there are three modified Scavengers discarded around the map. Though possessing of very few hitpoints, these Scavengers are able to provide both health and ammunition to a pilot running low on either. You will need them if you intend to stay alive and get more than three shots off.

Snatching one of these Scavengers - and keeping it out of the hands of the other players - is half the battle, but take care not to spend too long in it as it will make you an easy target for other snipers. Despite being armed with both the Chain Gun and Tag Cannon, the Scavenger can only fire the TAG cannon's leader rounds - these do far too little damage to justify using them over your Plasma Rifle.

You will also find a number of Storage Crates and pipes scattered around the map; these can be useful for providing cover from other players if used correctly. When there are other players around and you do not have or have become separated from one of the Scavengers, you may find it wise to stay close to these props such that you can duck behind them when you see a player readying their Sniper Rifle.

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